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Air Conditioner Services in Dubai

With our Ac Repair Services in Dubai, team Yogi Fixes will make sure you stay frosty in the blistering summer heat. Yogi Fixes’ team of professionals is HVAC certified and offer you timely, professional service at unbeatable costs. We understand your needs and the importance of staying cool in a country like the UAE, where a faulty air-conditioner would turn into a human barbeque, especially in the summer. 

Our range of services include:- 


Replacements & New Purchases 

In case your air-conditioner met with an untimely demise, or you need to purchase new ones, Team Yogi Fixes will gladly assist you. If an A/C is too old and worn out, it makes more sense to buy a new one rather than waste tons of money on constant repairs. Our team will understand your budget, space, requirements, and preferences before making recommendations, and procuring the ideal air-conditioner for you.  



Installing an air-conditioner is best done by experienced professionals. Yogi Fixes will make sure that your installation is flawless, and that your ventilation system works at its best. If the fitting is botched, the cooling is adversely affected, and maintenance issues will arise. There are several factors and details that need to be considered, and team Yogi Fixes will make sure it’s done accordingly.  


Air Conditioner Repairing 

If you’re A/C ran into a snag, don’t sweat it, we’ll have it up and running before you know it. We take customer service extremely seriously, and we’ll make sure you’re as cool as an ice cube in no time. Our team of technically sound veterans will repair the existing issue, and make sure that your A/C is in optimum condition. Effective repairs will ensure that you encounter fewer break-downs and outages and save a fortune on your power bill. 


Maintenance Contracts 

We’ll make sure that those sneaky break downs don’t catch you off-guard. Our systematic, thorough maintenance contracts will make sure that your air conditioner stays in top-notch condition at all times. From periodic checks to preventive and pre-emptive maintenance, we’ll make sure that the A/C stays in excellent condition while minimizing any future faults or malfunctions 


Ducting & Cleaning 

From installing A/C ducts to keeping them clean, we do it all. Our installation team is meticulous, precise, and lightning-quick. We make sure to keep those ducts clean, which helps keep your equipment in good condition and running at optimum efficiency. From keeping an eye on the compressor to unclogging the filters, Team Yogi Fixes will always keep you as cool as a cucumber while providing top-notch Ac Repair Services!