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Cleaning & Housekeeping


It is said that a home is akin to a palace, and that would make you the King! At Yogi Fixes, we wouldn’t expect your royal highness to soil your hands with mundane tasks. Your loyal subjects at Yogi Fixes will look after your humble abode and make sure that it stays perfect.

Before we delve deeper, allow us to show you the difference between mere cleaning and professional housekeeping. Cleaning isn’t complicated. It revolves around cleaning an area, surface, or object immaculately. Housekeeping, on the other hand, includes tidying up, reorganizing and focuses on making the space more aesthetically pleasing.

At Yogi Fixes, cleaning services include mopping floors, scrubbing sinks, taking out the trash, vacuuming the rug, dusting, and deep cleaning. Allow us to whip out the dust mops, sponges, vacuums and brooms along with some detergents and disinfectants. Did the children spill sherbet all over your exotic rug? Don’t burst an artery yet, because Yogi Fixes’ cleaning services are the answer to your prayers.

If you’re expecting guests over, own a hotel, or if your judgmental mother-in-law is planning to visit, you sir need housekeeping services. Our team of OCD driven professionals will give your wife a complex, with their eye for details. Though cleaning may be a small part of it, our professional housekeeping services will help you get things in order. Allow us to make your home neat, meticulous, and genuinely alluring. From fragrant rolled up towels in the bathroom, and organizing the kitchen, to cleaning out the attic, or changing your neglected garden into a green haven, allow us to transform your space into something that would make Disney jealous

Let the professionals at Yogi Fixes handle all the work, while you sit back on your throne and have us do your bidding. We wouldn’t want you to ruin that new manicure, so we won’t let you lift a finger.