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Renovation Services in Dubai

Whether it’s your home, office, or commercial space, renovation may be required from time to time. From revamping your home, upgrading your office space, or setting up a brand new commercial space from scratch, Team Yogi Fixes is your light in the darkness.  


Why hire a team of renovation prodigies at Yogi Fixes? 

Whether you’re building something from scratch or renovating your home or office space, the devil is in the details. From meticulous planning, and speedy procurement, to well-thought-out execution and professional vendors, having Yogi Fixes on your side is a guaranteed win! You’ll thank your ancestors for giving you the good sense to hire us. We don’t believe in idle jibber-jabber, we believe in ground-breaking results. We’ll knock your socks off with kick-ass results! That’s a promise 


Technical & Practical Expertise  

Don’t just hire professionals, hire veterans, who have been mastering the craft since you were in diapers. Technical know-how, backed by years of experience, is what our team brings to the table. 



It doesn’t need to be bone-crushingly expensive to be good. Allow our team to help you save on costs, advise you procurement of raw-materials, white goods, electronics, and installation. We’ll help you build a space that exceeds your expectations. Oh, and yeah, we’ll save you a crapload of money too! 


New Technology 

Whether it’s a restoration, renovation, or remodeling, if you’re taking the trouble to revamp your space, its always advisable to be conscious of the latest technology available. From installing high-tech water-conserving showers to eco-friendly lighting solutions, there’s a lot of cool stuff out there. Our team will guide you to make an educated decision about which aspects can be improved, upgraded, or optimized. Yogi Fixes will make your space look gorgeous, functional, and economical in the long run. 

Types of Renovation 

Team Yogi Fixes, can help you spaz out your space in a variety of ways: 



Does your office space look dull? Is your home in need of an overhaul? Plush interiors can help make a world of difference. Team Yogi Fixes will reinvigorate your interiors. From an aesthetically pleasing color palate to nuanced detailing, your space will be transformed.  



Have you neglected the exteriors? Did the last dust storm leave your home looking like its 200 years old? Worry not, our team will handle everything from repairing, refurbishing and reinventing your exteriors to look brand new. From choosing high-quality materials that can stand the test of time, and the harsh elements, to aesthetic beauty, every last detail is looked into. 


Fixtures & Appliances 

Does your office need a massive upgrade in terms of tech? Did your air conditioner and refrigerator bite the dust? Our team of experts will help you acquire and install the latest white goods, electronics, or tech in the blink of an eye. Your existing gadgets can be repaired, modified, and optimized as well. 


Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades  

Did your chubby cousin decimate your furniture? We understand your pain. From timely repairs to comprehensive maintenance contracts, there’s nothing we can’t fix. From emergency solutions to innovative ideas, Team Yogi Fixes will keep your space in pristine condition. 


Space Management 

You’d like to enclose the balcony, or perhaps combine two adjacent rooms into one? Allow us to help you reinvent your space for optimum comfort, functionality, and utility. Every square inch is precious and should be utilized in an optimum manner. Yogi Fixes will help you alter, modify, and reimagine your space as per your preferences. 


Energy Conservation 

Did your last power bill give you a heart attack? From energy conservation and eco-friendly solutions to cost reduction and savings, Yogi Fixes will make sure that you do the right thing. From advising you about the latest technology and feasibility, to cutting your power bill in half, Yogi Fixes will turn your home, office, or commercial space into an efficient, advanced, futuristic marvel. Home automation, advanced security systems, and voice-activated lighting, there’s a lot to choose from. We’ll help you become the neighborhood’s local Iron Man.