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Electrical Services in Dubai

For any home, business, or commercial office space to function effectively, electrical services in Dubai are a necessity. Team Yogi Fixes understands the importance of providing comprehensive mechanical and electrical services around the clock to help homes and businesses function efficiently and effectively. After all, a massive break down in mechanical or electrical services would be like being tossed back into the stone-age.

Yogi Fixes offers a host of services that are categorized under Mechanical & Electrical services (M&E) which include:- 


Building Control Systems 

We live in an era where technology forms the very backbone of our day to day functionality. Commercial buildings can benefit significantly from the installation of a software-based control system that monitors all the equipment in a building, both mechanical and electrical. This encompasses lighting, ventilation, power, and security systems. Team Yogi Fixes can take care of the installation and maintenance effortlessly so that you can be as high-tech as Batman!  


Electrical Supply 

Literally, everything that matters runs on electricity or requires a power source. From the lights in your homes to the computer systems in your office, we are all slaves to technology. No electrical supply means everything goes kaput! Yogi Fixes can help monitor every aspect of your power supply. From checking, maintaining, and repairing wiring, cabling, and power, to preparing for emergencies, we have it covered. 



Whether you’re scared of the dark, or you don’t want to waste precious office hours encumbered with lighting issues, Team Yogi Fixes will make sure that your world stays bright and radiant. We’ll make sure that lighting and fixtures are working smoothly, and help you achieve optimal lighting conditions. This will help boost productivity, and we can help you save a fortune with several power-saving alternatives. So you’d better give us a call before its lights out! 


Heating, Ventilation & Cooling 

We maintain, replace, and upgrade your air conditioners and heaters. Whether the central cooling needs to fixed or your heating system is being difficult, our team of professionals will have it under control. Our job is to help save you from getting roasted in the summer or freeze in the winter. Maintaining optimum temperatures is good for your health, well-being, and productivity. 


Security & Alarm Systems 

Electrical services also include CCTV security, alarm systems, and smoke detectors to help protect your home or office space from fire hazards. From keeping your home safe and safeguarding your office space, Yogi Fixes provides you with end to end support. From keeping the burglars out of your home to keeping an eye on that lazy employee, we are always ready to leap into action. 


Place your faith in Yogi Fixes, and our team of seasoned professionals and we promise you an electrifying experience!