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Flooring Services

Flooring plays a critical role both practically and aesthetically for any space, be it your office space or home. Yogi Fixes and our team of professionals are well-versed with every aspect of flooring requirements.

Our comprehensive flooring services will have you “floored” for sure. 


Choosing The Right Flooring Materials

If you’d like to remodel your home or office space, the first step is to choose the right kind of flooring. Apart from visual aesthetics, you wouldn’t want to have your corporate office space look like a hospital. There is an immense variety to choose from, and tam Yogi Fixes is here to give you a head start. From commercial carpeting, vinyl flooring, and ceramic tiles, to noise reduction, low maintenance, and eco-friendly options, we help ensure that you’re making the right choice. 


Understanding The Area & Its Implications

Are you choosing flooring options for your home, office, a restaurant, or a pub? For example, wood-based flooring would make sense for a dance floor. In contrast, slip-resistant or safety flooring would be suitable for restrooms or clinics. It is also essential to understand the expected traffic in terms of human footfalls. Make sure you get this right, or footfalls won’t be the only falls you’d need to worry about. 



Team Yogi Fixes takes care of end to end installation, to help transform your home, office, or establishment with utmost finesse. From precise measurements to flawless execution, we ensure that the highest grade of materials is utilized to create a truly remarkable finished look. Our team’s zest for perfection will sweep you off your feet! 


Cleaning & Maintenance 

Did you accidentally drop a bowling ball onto your new wood finished flooring, or did your toddler doodle all over it for giggles? Worry not, Team Yogi Fixes will have your floor looking brand new. We understand the nuances of different flooring materials, and how best to maintain them to maximize their life expectancy. We have comprehensive maintenance programs for homes, offices, and commercial establishments. 


Budgeting & Repairs 

Investing in repairing, revamping, or installing new flooring is a significant cost. Team Yogi Fixes, has made it their sole objective to ensure that you receive the best of service, without having anxiety attacks upon seeing the bills. Team Yogi Fixes will ensure you get it right in the first go, so that you don’t waste a fortune on touch-ups and re-works. That’s why you need professional help to make that floor look so good that you wouldn’t mind taking a nap on it.