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General maintenance Services

General maintenance is like preparing your home, office, or space for a routine health physical. If you choose to be laid back, minor issues may escalate into full-blown problems, which is not something you’d want. Not only would such malfunctions and breakdowns be a massive inconvenience, but you’d end up spending a bomb on replacements and damage control.  

Yogi Fixes understands the importance of monitoring your home, commercial space, and related assets regularly to ensure that everything is functioning smoothly. We remain vigilant about interiors, exteriors, plumbing, electricals, appliances, machinery, heating systems, air conditioners, and security systems. We help avert breakdowns, preventive and pre-emptive repairs, replacements, and general maintenance services, which will keep your home looking and functioning at its best. 

Yogi Fixes has various general maintenance packages that would suit your budget, requirements, and preferences.   

The experts at Yogi Fixes offer various types of general maintenance services, depending on your budget, preferences, and nature of work. 


Corrective Maintenance 

Corrective maintenance is when you call us to help fix a problem after it has occurred. This approach is advisable if you feel that the cost of repairs or rectification is more economical than investing in a maintenance program. This may work out cheaper until a major breakdown or catastrophe takes place. 


Preventive Maintenance  

This approach is when you firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. The purpose is to execute maintenance based activities at regular intervals to help minimize issues, malfunctions, and breakdowns before they get out of hand. Your home, office, or space will be operating effectively, with minimized operational faults. We fix the problem before it occurs. 


Predictive Maintenance 

The brilliant minds at Yogi Fixes analyze and observe all the equipment and services. Detailed information is collected and studied, and specific parameters are set. As time passes, if any of the appliances, equipment, or services begin to indicate abnormal values, it is rectified before the situation worsens or escalates. Team Yogi fixes, uses its crystal ball, sees the future, and fixes the issue in advance. Think of it as an advanced form of preventive maintenance. 


Emergency Maintenance 

Let’s assume you met team Yogi Fixes a bit late in life, and now you have an emergency on your hands. Our team of experts spring into action and solve your problem with blazing efficiency. This is called emergency maintenance, and team Yogi Fixes is always a phone call away. 


Routine Maintenance 

Team Yogi Fixes will survey your home, office, or commercial establishment and recommend a maintenance schedule at appropriate intervals of time. This type of maintenance is routine maintenance and helps ensure that everything continues working as it should. We have several maintenance contracts that you can choose from, so just pick one and leave the rest to us.