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Facilities Management

So, what is Facility management? It includes various services that help preserve safety, comfort, efficiency, and seamless functionality of built spaces. Team Yogi Fixes integrates people, processes, and technology to help make your life simpler.We understand the multitude of challenges that people are faced with today. If multitasking isn’t your forte, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, Yogi Fixes’ facility management services are meant for you. Yogi Fixes is an industry leader when it comes to facility management services, so you know you’re in good hands.

Your inner procrastinator can rejoice! We get things done, and we do so in style. You can sit around like a sloth on tranquilizers, while Yogi Fixes takes charge. Our services include:



From keeping the business premises and employees safe to managing security hardware and alarm systems, we help keep the bad guys out, so you can catch up on some much-needed beauty sleep


Maintenance Services

From building maintenance to ensuring that the facility and equipment are functioning smoothly, team Yogi Fixes takes care of everything. From handling the high tech stuff to ensuring that departments like painting, plumbing, plastering, and tiling are well taken care of, think of us as Santa’s little elves. At the same time, you can spend all your time hibernating.


Cleaning & Housekeeping

We make sure that everything stays squeaky clean. Our professional housekeeping services will make your space look like it’s out of a fairy-tale.


Operational Services

Our motto is, the show must go on, and we make sure that it does so smoothly. From managing day to day responsibilities, to outsourcing services and dealing with vendors, team Yogi Fixes has it covered. Whether your coffee is too hot or too cold, or the lights just went out, or the photocopier just got jammed, team Yogi Fixes is at your service. We manage soft services like the reception area or hard services like electrical and fire safety, and everything in between. We make sure that none of it stops you from having an awesome and productive day.


Space Allocation & Management

We make sure that your workspace is truly productive. From understanding the needs of your business and compliance with rules, regulations, and norms, we help you plan the nuances of your workspace. Lighting levels, ventilation, temperature control, and availability of delicious goodies contribute to a productive environment. It can make the difference between having motivated employees or a hoard of exhausted zombies in the office. While you focus on making millions, we make sure that you’re all set to go!


With decades of experience behind us, team Yogi Fixes will helm the ship, while you sing songs in our praise! You’re welcome in advance!